Tips to Keep Your Basement Warm

Basements are usually colder than the above ground establishment. The winters, however, bring another level of coldness. The bone freezing coldness of the basement might be spiking your energy bill as well. By contacting the Toronto basement waterproofing you can solve all these problems in a jiffy. They will search and find ways to make your basement warmer and more habitable in the winter. If you are the hands-on type of person, then following the below methods you can also solve the problem yourself.

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The primary Solution

Are you building your house? Then insulate the below-grade walls. You can also install a raised basement floor to solve the temperature problem once and for all. This, however, is the solution for the ongoing projects. To make the already built basements warm you should follow the following methods.

Use Cheap Thermal Camera To Locate Cold Spots
Don’t hold the prejudice that the thermal cameras are only required to the house inspectors. This camera can save you a lot of money that you will be losing by paying energy bills. Simply stand in the middle of the room and scan the room to locate the cold spots. Mark the spots and take proper care of them. It is quite understandable if you do not like to do the work yourself. Contact the Toronto basement waterproofing to make the basement warm and cosy without any hassle.

Insulate Rim Joists and Headers

Rim joists and the headers are probably the biggest culprits of the heat loss game. They are situated in the outer framing of the floor. The vertical walls of the house might be insulated but the space below them is not. Open headers and rim joists that come in contact with the cold air often help to lose an enormous amount of heat. Call the experts of Toronto basement waterproofing to insulate these types of equipment so that your basement remain toasty.

Insulate Ducts Leaving The Basement
Ducts are often overlooked and become the biggest backstabber in the heat game. They help to shoot the cold air straight inside the basement to make it frosty. You should wrap the metal duct with insulation to prevent heat loss.

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Install better Vent Flaps

Most of the vent flaps which are used commonly in the houses are awful at preserving the heat of your house. They instead let the cold air in straight inside the house. Take help from the professionals of Toronto basement waterproofing to save the energy and make the basement warm.

Insulate Above-Grade Basement Wall
You might think that the earth helps the coldness seep through the walls. The reality is different. Earth actually helps to keep the basement walls warmer. For the walkout basements, the walls become a heat loss point. If you have this type of basement then insulate them with extruded foams.

Does your basement still feel cold? You might then need to try additional heating option for your basement. A heated floor can is one of the great ways to add warmth to the stone cold basement. Consider talking to Toronto basement waterproofing to know more such options.