Why Garage Door Springs Are More Important Than You Think

When did you last check the condition of the springs of your garage door?

The most common answer is, not in a while.

The problem is that most of you do not consider all the heavy lifting the small springs have to do. Almost everybody think that motor is by far the most important part of any garage door. While motor is important, you should also let the experienced professionals such as garage door repair in Ottawa, check the springs regularly.

Check the below information out to know more about the types and importance of garage door springs.

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Types of springs

There are two kinds of springs that are heavily used by the garage door manufacturers.

  • The Torsion Spring: These springs are used to make sure that on both sides of the door the pressure remains same. In simple words, this spring helps the users to easily open or close the garage door. Generally, these springs last for a long time, but you should call professionals to check their health regularly.
  • Extension Spring: These also perform a similar type of work as the torsion springs. The only difference between these springs is that this one pulls the garage door upwards. These springs are placed either above the door or the side of the door. Call the experts of garage door repair in Ottawa to keep the springs functioning as new.

Problems with Garage Door Springs

There are two kinds of problems that can be caused due to the spring problems of the garage door.

  • Break or Fall out: Without proper vigilance and maintenance, the garage door springs can break completely. If such situation occurs, you have to replace the broken spring. The spring might also start to fall out from its regular place. In this case, call the garage door repair in Ottawa to rebalance the spring to make the garage door working again.
  • Tension Loss: This is another problem that you can face. If you feel that the garage doors are not functioning properly then seek help from the professionals immediately.

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Importance of the spring 

The springs of the garage door rarely get the due credit. Here are some insights on the work that the little springs do every day.

  • Protecting You From The Door: While lifting the door you might have not noticed the weight, but the garage door actually is very heavy. These springs thus protect you from the heavy weight of the door. The accidents that happen due to broken springs can injure a person fatally.
  • Protecting You from Motor Failures: The value of the garage door spring is best understood at the time of motor failure. In this kind of situation, the spring helps you to lift the door easily after you disengage it from the automatic door opener. Contact the garage door repair in Ottawa to make sure that the health of the springs of your garage door is in top notch condition.

Never ever try to mend the garage door spring yourself. This is the lesson that you need to learn first. Always rely on the experts such as garage door repair in Ottawa for the repairs. Call the experts even to check on the conditions of the springs. Keep in mind that a simple mistake on your part can result in grave injury.