The Oil Sands Developers Group is an oil sands industry association that facilitates solutions to shared development issues related to the Alberta Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit. 

We do this by:

  • Sharing oil sands developers' information, perspective and advice with affected stakeholders
  • Consulting with stakeholders to facilitate solutions to development issues
  • Collaborating with stakeholders while balancing individual and collective company responsibilities
  • Communicating accurate and credible information, analysis and forecasts to our stakeholders
  • Managing an inclusive committee process that is focused on analyzing issues, facilitating solutions and achieving results


"Energizing Sustainable Communities"

Benefits for Stakeholders

The Oil Sands Developers Group forecasts include up-to-date information from all developers including information on employment, production and capital expenditure. Our forecasts are the basis of planning for many stakeholders and can assist organizations in their development planning.

Operating Model

The Oil Sands Developers Group is governed by a board of directors comprised of representatives of its member companies

The Oil Sands Developers Group works closely with oil sands developers, municipal and provincial governments and other affected stakeholders.