What Do You Need to Know About Merchant Cash Advances?

Business owners, especially small ones find a great deal of difficulty with their funding. They need a good flow of working capital from time to time in order to expand their business operations or for stocking up their inventory. However, small businesses can’t get loan quickly, when they apply through the traditional financing option. This is the reason behind the emergence of other forms of financing like MCA.

merchant cash advance company

Basically, a merchant cash advance company can provide small businesses with feasible financing options. Merchant Cash Advance, which is also touted as Business Cash Advance is a form of financing that is designed for small business owners. In short, the life of small business owners won’t be tough if their traditional bank loan gets rejected.

merchant cash advance company


How Is The MCA Helping?

Financing options like MCA can help small businesses to get money instantly. They don’t need to worry about their loan application getting rejected. Unlike the banks, a provider of MCA doesn’t bother whether the loan applicant has been running their business for more than two years or not. Even if their business isn’t a running successful, they still can get the loan or the advance as it is called.

merchant cash advance company

A merchant cash advance company isn’t simply interested in any collateral from the applicant. They would simply provide the advance to the MCA loan applicant provided they have a good credit card sale history. Once the company is assured of the fact that the business house can repay the entire amount, they are provided with the loan.

merchant cash advance company


Why Going to Banks Is Not A Good Idea?

Applying for a business loan from a bank can be ideal when the business is having a good credit card history. Also, the business should be able to submit collateral for a loan. Lastly, the tenure of the business is a factor.

In a situation, where one needs the money or working capital quickly, a traditional business loan is not a solution. This is where a merchant cash advance company helps you out.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advance

An MCA is a type of an advance given against the future credit card sales and receipts receivables. MCA offers a great deal of flexibility as it can help a business to remain running and functional. A quick turnaround time, they are easily approved by the providers.

merchant cash advance company

Before taking the help of any merchant cash advance company for getting an MCA loan, you need to understand its repayment option. Even one can repay the amount slowly, MCA requires the borrower to pay certain amount of their future sales. Depending on the amount borrowed the percentage of interest may vary. The percentage needs to be paid till the entire amount is repaid.

Things to Know

Before opting for an MCA loan, make sure:

  • You understand the terms of the loan.

  • To check all the fees upfront.

  • Ask for a projected annual percentage rate for the loan.

    merchant cash advance company

If your merchant cash advance company follows all these points, you can take the loan from them easily. After all, MCA can be a great alternative to traditional loans when you need quick money.