Ontario Facts


  • The oil sands will generate roughly 1 million person years of employment for the province of Ontario. That is enough work to employ 33,333 Ontario residents for thirty years.

Investment and Economy

  • Oil sands development will contribute up to $102 billion to Ontario’s GDP.  That is more than Ontario’s manufacturing, utilities, arts, entertainment & recreation industries combined.
  • Every dollar spent in Alberta’s oil sands leads to an economic benefit of as much as 31 cents in Ontario.

Taxes and Royalties

  • Oil sands production and development activities could generate up to $123 billion in taxes and royalty revenue for Canadian governments. After Alberta, Ontario will contribute the most oil sands-related revenue at $22.3 billion.


  • In more than 40 years, oil sands mining has disturbed about one hundredth of one per cent of the Canadian Boreal forest (500 km2). This is less than one-fourteenth the size of the Greater Toronto Area.